City of Schulenburg, Texas

City of Schulenburg, Texas

City of Schulenburg, Texas



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City of Schulenburg, Texas
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City of Schulenburg, Texas


Schulenburg is a great place to live, work, and do business. From the small town atmosphere with modern urban conveniences to the rural beauty, one cannot find a better location in Texas. We invite you to our hometown to share our quality of life.
  • Distribution: City of Schulenburg
  • Wholesaler (s): LCRA

Natural Gas

  • Gas Supplier (s): CenterPoint
  • LPG Supplier (s): E.O. Sharp, Tex-Butane


  • Local Internet Available: Yes
    CMA, CVTV Internet, GTE,  AT &T
  • Digital Switching: Yes
  • ISDN: No
  • Special Features: Touch Tone
Sewage Treatment
  • Treatment Type: Secondary
  • Treatment Capacity: 0.71  MGD
  • Current Usage:  0.30  MGD


  • Utility Name: City of Schulenburg
  • Water: Wells
  • Water Rating: Superior
  • Storage Capacity: 1.07 MGD
  • Plant Capacity:  2.689 MGD
  • Average Consumption:  0.7  MGD
  • Peak Consumption:  1.1  MGD

Grease Trap

Electric Rates
Residential Rate Schedule
          Customer Charge $3.25 per month
          Plus all KWH per month .0411/KWH
Commercial Rate Schedule - Inside or Outside
          Customer Charge $4.00 per month
          Plus all KWH per month .0465/KWH
Large Commercial Rate Schedule
          Energy Charges - All KW per month $.0331KWH
          Minimum Monthly Bill - 10/KW (DM) $26.00
          Demand Charges - All KW per month $2.60/KW
Water and Sewer
Residential Water Sewer
          First 3,000 gallons $15.25 $15.25   (averaged)
          Next 7,000 gallons $3.30/1000 gal  $4.00/1000
          Next 10,000 gallons $3.60/1000 gal  
          Next 30,000 gallons $3.90/1000 gal  
          Over 50,000 gallons $4.20/1000 gal  
Commercial Water Sewer
          First 3,000 gallons $19.25 $24.25  
          Next 7,000 gallons $3.30/1000 gal $5.50/1000 gal
          Next 10,000 gallons $3.60/1000 gal  
          Next 30,000 gallons $3.90/1000 gal  
          Over 50,000 gallons $4.20/1000 gal  
 Industrial Water Sewer
          First 3,000 gallons $17.50 IWC + ($21/first 3000 gal)
          Next 7,000 gallons $2.40/1000 gal +(VC + BC + SC for volume over 3000 gal)
          Next 10,000 gallons $2.70/1000 gal  VC = volume charge
          Next 30,000 gallons $3.00/1000 gal  BC = (BOD chg)
          Over 50,000 gallons $3.30/1000 gal  SC = (TSS chg)
For more information call (979) 743-4126
Customer Information:
  1. The City of Schulenburg furnishes electricity, water, sewer and garbage services. 
  2. A $300.00 residential deposit is required for anyone renting a home or who rents or owns a mobile home.
  3. Commercial deposits begin at $400.00 and are set by the City Administrator.  They are based on the type of business and previous kilowatt consumptions. (average bill)
  4. The City required a 24-hour notice for connects to be done.
  5. Electric and water meters are read on the 18th of each month and are mailed out on the last day of the month so that they are received on the 1st.  The net amount of the bill is due by the 10th - gross amount due by 1:00 on the 17th - which is disconnect day.  Partial payments are not accepted
  6. All electrical connects have a mandatory garbage charge and all water connections have a mandatory sewer charge.
  7. Garbage pick-ups for residents who live on the north side of the railroad tracks are on Tuesdays.  Residents on the south side of the tracks have garbage pick-ups on Thursdays.  Garbage pick-ups are subject to change during the week of a holiday.  Information can be found in the local newspaper or calling City Hall or by picking up the schedule at City Hall in January each year.
  8. A $40.00 reconnect fee is required along with payment of the utility account before utilities can be reconnected.
  9. A $25.00 charge is assessed along with payment of the utility account for each insufficient check.
  10. All delinquent bills must be paid in full before a new connect can be made.
  11. For customer convenience, a night drop box is located to the left of the front door and a drop box is in the parking lot across from City Hall.
  12. If a gas connection is required, you will need to contact CenterPoint (800) 427-7142.
  13. To receive cable television service, you need to contact CMA Cable in La Grange at (800) 272-0038.  If any problems arise call the same number.
  14. To receive telephone service call (800) 483-4000.
  15. Rural customers may use the dumpsters located on FM 2672 (High Hill Road), north off of Highway 90 West - to dump household garbage ONLY, that has been bagged in Fayette County bags, which can be purchased at City Hall or at the dumpsite.  A minimum of TEN BAGS can be purchased at City Hall; However, individual bags may be purchased at the dumpsite.  Each bag costs $2.00.
  16. Recycling Center is open Monday - Wednesday - Saturday from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM.  It is located at the Fayette County Precinct 4 Warehouse on FM 2672 (High Hill Road).  If you have any questions concerning recycling, call (979)743-3250 or City Hall (979) 743-4126.
  17. The City of Schulenburg oversees the operations of the Civic Center (on Hillje Street), The Community Center (on Anderson Street), Wolters Park, Pavilion, Pool and the Sports Complex.  Any questions concerning these places should be directed to City Hall (979) 743-4126.

City of Schulenburg
535 N. Main Street ~ P.O. Box 8 ~ Schulenburg, Texas 78956

(979) 743-4126 - fax (979) 743-4760


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